how to winterize lawn mower in winter

Winterize Your Lawnmower in 2 Easy Steps

Winterize Your Lawnmower in 2 Easy Steps.  By: Consumer Reports When storing your lawnmower for the winter, Consumer Reports’ experts say these two tips are must-dos to ensure your mower will be up and running when you need it in the spring. Original Source: http://www.consumerreports.org/video/view/home-garden/outdoor/5147288256001/winterize-your-lawnmower-in-2-easy-steps/   For Sprinkler Winterization find your location here


The Grass is Green Even On the “Other Side”

When the sun was blazing and grass was drying up, a touching story was shared by Roger Reissig via Facebook. It was of true love and adoration, a knowledge that love still continues after this life. Evidenced by Mr. Reissig’s sacrifice to go out and water his wife’s grave twice daily for the last year. …

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Sprinkler Repair Tips

Links to various sprinkler repair articles: https://www.redbeacon.com/hg/why-arent-my-sprinklers-popping/ http://grounds-mag.com/golf_courses/grounds_maintenance_troubleshooting_irrigation_controls/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wfR_oygPu8s http://www.familyhandyman.com/landscaping/fixing-sprinkler-systems/view-all http://www.rainbird.com/homeowner/education/problems-solutions.htm http://www.sprinklerwarehouse.com/Sprinkler-System-Troubleshooting-s/6301.htm#div=troubleshooting http://www.irrigationoutlet.com/irrigation-outlet-blog/how-do-i-adjust-the-pressure-on-my-sprinkler-pump Sprinkler heads not working? Solution 1: Replace the heads Broken sprinkler heads are easy to identify. Simply look for cracked or broken plastic casing on the heads, heads that don’t pop up, or water that sprays wildly or not at all. It’s …

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sprinkler master repair spring sprinkler start up reno nevada

How to fix Sprinkler Heads

Replacing Broken Sprinkler Heads It’s easy to run over a sprinkler head with a lawn mower or set sprinkler water pressure too high, which makes broken sprinkler heads a common source of irrigation frustration. If your sprinkler heads have broken casings, won’t pop up all the way, and/or have inconsistent or nonexistent spray patterns, you …

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