Skydrop Sprinkler System Controller

NEW! Skydrop Is A Wireless, Advanced Sprinkler System Controller

Use your phone to make your lawn green! The future of lawn watering is here! With a smart timer, you can control your sprinklers with your phone, reduce your water usage up to 35%, and will automatically turn itself off if it’s raining!   We’re happy to announce that Sprinkler Master has paired with Skydrop, a local smart timer developer. Skydrop is a wireless, advanced sprinkler system controller for your home that adapts to your local weather, regional water restrictions, and each unique zone of your yard. This incredibly smart system learns for itself what your yard needs, and then waters it perfectly, without you having to do a thing!   Get paid to save money and have a greener lawn! Local water districts offering up substantial rewards in rebate money for using smart watering techniques. We install Skydrop timers for around $350, so you could easily earn that and more back just for just installing! Not to mention that you’ll be using less water, so your water bill will be significantly lower! Talk to your local water conservation district to see what your rebate would be!   If something has gone wrong, you don’t need to wait for dry spots to appear to know there is a problem. Skydrop will send you an alert as soon as something goes awry.   Statistics show that Skydrop has an average water usage reduction of 35%. That can save you 75,000 gallons annually! Skydrop knows your local weather, and will automatically turn itself off if it’s raining. It uses your existing system, so nothing needs to change but your old controller! You can control Skydrop from your phone, so no matter where you are, you can be monitoring and controlling your system.   Save water, save money, save time. Call us to install Skydrop today!   Sprinkler Master Reno (775) 387-0519

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